To Wean or not to Wean…

by lilywintergarden

I’m finally beginning to feel better after being sick since last Tuesday. I went to Med Express a couple of days ago and judging by the roomful of people with the same horrible cough that I have, it’s safe to say it’s going around. Even the doctors and nurses were coughing. Surprisingly, C and the kids haven’t caught it yet.

I am feeling like I want to wean Thunder Thighs soon. He will be 1 on January 21st. After nursing for the past six years (yes, you read that right), I just want to be finished. It doesn’t help that he’s a biter either! But I know I’ll miss it when it’s over; the closeness and the reliable cozied-up-together comfort that can’t really be replaced for him. I also know I’ll miss the security of knowing that he is living in a heightened state of immunity. I nursed Papaya and Pumpy for about 2 1/2 years each, so if I do wean him soon it will be the soonest I’ve ever stopped. Still, I think it’s almost time. I’m exhausted.

If you’re wondering how it is that I’ve nursed for so long, I’ll explain…I began nursing Pumpy in January 2006. He was still nursing when I became pregnant with Papaya, so I nursed him through her pregnancy and for about four months after. Obviously, I was then nursing her and continued nursing through my third pregnancy, weaning her a few months after I had Thunder Thighs in 2011, whom I’m still nursing.

So there you have it. Six years! Crazy.