by lilywintergarden

Today was the second day that Pumpy went to school all day. Only one word can truly capture the result.


Everything has fallen into place. Suddenly, there is time for everything. There is room for everything. It’s as though I’ve been trying to shove a square peg into a round hole for the past year or so. Nobody was happy with our homeschooling situation, least of all me, and now I can see why. This is just so much better.

Needless to say, Pumpy is loving school and riding the school bus. When he bounded off the bus yesterday afternoon, this is what he proclaimed:

“I loved it, Mama! It’s the best day ever. I’m going back for twenty-hundred days!”

Papaya loves preschool. And this mama is loving my quiet mornings with Thunder Thighs, my lovely and girly afternoons with Papaya, and then the usual mash up of us all spending our evening together.

I only wish I hadn’t forced myself to homeschool when deep in my heart it never felt right. I don’t necessarily regret it though, as I’m the kind of woman who needs to try something out in order to know how I feel sometimes. But I do need to trust my gut instincts more.

I hope you’ve had a lovely day, too!