Wow, it’s been a full month since I’ve written last, but it doesn’t feel that long.

The past four weeks have been difficult, to say the least. My poor, sweet Papaya somehow managed to get pneumonia, and let me tell you, I’ve experienced few things scarier than watching her gasping for air in the dead of night, wrapped up in my down comforter but still freezing cold, her pale skin pulled tightly in between each rib as she struggled to breathe.

And all of this happened after a course of antibiotics given to her a week prior for pneumonia.

I had taken her in to see the pediatrician about four days into a particularly severe chest cold because I had a feeling something just wasn’t okay. She was breathing a little faster than usual and had no appetite at all. She was even sick to her stomach a couple of times, and it didn’t add up. Sure enough, the doctor was able to diagnose pneumonia simply by listening to her lungs and checking her (rather low) oxygen levels with a finger monitor. But, because she wasn’t struggling to breathe and seemed alright, he sent us home with a course of antibiotics, as opposed to sending her to the hospital.

I have no idea why that didn’t work, but several nights later it became clear she was regressing, quickly. I stayed awake all night watching her and waiting for the moment when I should just pick her up and take her to Children’s Hospital. We made it through the night and the next morning, after an x-ray that oddly enough came back normal, she was given intravenous shots of a broad spectrum, very strong antibiotic, in the pediatrician’s office, along with albuterol to use at home. Thankfully, this did end up working and fairly quickly.

She got better for a handful of days after the medicine was finished, but again, started to get sick. Pumpy had brought a new virus home from school just days earlier, but I was of course concerned that it was still the pneumonia, coming back again. Another chest x-ray reassured us that it was, in fact, a new virus, which she weathered fine.

But I have truly had enough. Someone in my family has been sick since mid-December.  My mother, ever the alarmist, was concerned that something in our house was making us sick. It just seemed excessive for the season. So, I, ever the worrier, took it to heart and decided to take every measure possible to make sure the house was clean and safe, which included flushing out the ductwork, replacing the furnace filter, cleaning everything top to bottom, and even pulling up the 30 year old carpet in the living room from the prior owners of the house. We were planning on replacing it with hardwood soon anyway, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.

And that is why I haven’t written in a month.

I hope your month has been much better than mine, but I am grateful for the relatively minor cold that I now have, and for the bright green shoots emerging from my neighbors’ flower bed.


That can only mean one thing 🙂